Thursday, April 21, 2011

SEVERE: Error listenerStart Part II

Sometimes they come back...

SEVERE: Context [/mybrokenportlet] startup failed due to previous errors

Liferay 5.2

Oh yeah, so I had this one come back and give me the proverbial love bite in the derrière.

Checked all the jars: Good.
Checked all the configuration names matched the .war file name: Good.

What's left?

The scenario:

I was making a copy of an existing portlet project in order to keep the existing version which was in use in a production server and modify the copy to form a new portlet with similar functionality.

So I just took the old portlet "myoldportlet-portlet" (Names being fictionalized here to protect the innocent) and went through all the java files, all the config files, the pom.xml and updated the names using the good ol' find/replace feature.

...being oh, so careful to keep track of uppercase/lowercase.

(Pay attention, boys and girls. This is foreshadowing.)

And guess what happened when I went to deploy my new cloned portlet?

portlet was unregistered due to previous errors.

Long story short, I converted this entry in my faces-config.xml


Yeah. Go figure Tomcat choked on it.

Case sensitivity is nothing to play with.

(If you're still having trouble, try here.)

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